A Seed Night Osaka 2010.3.15

Mon 15th Mar.
at ELEVATE Tsukamoto Osaka

Live Start 7:00pm
Charge Free!!! 無料!!!


Ottaven (from Italy) with Psychedelic Desert

Audio solo research / impro / broody & droony ambients

Ottaven is my solo audio project and i'm born in Italy. I started to play bass guitar around 2000 in a punk band called With Love and we toured several times all around Europe, once in Usa and once in Japan. For us the "punk" idea was related to freedom and impact, so step by step we kept on developed our sound, changing, trying to move in different directions and slowly discovering the pure impro. Sounds are everywere and my mission is to construct and de-construct my live sound composition as the mostly natural experience as i can. It can be violent and it can be gentle: it's a physic research and a mental exercise connected to the time and i prefer sounds to words.

Psychedelic Desert is an improvisation band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2004, Their psychedelic music has been described as mind expanding, primal and meditative.

Daniel Fandiño & Brian Labycz (from Chicago, US)

daniel fandiño - modular synth
brian labycz - modular synth

daniel fandiño is a chicago-based multimedia improviser.
utilizing various electronic means, his audio work deals with the exploration of formal qualities and their effects, such as timbre, volume, dynamic gesture, and aesthetic clash. he has performed in both the united states and japan, and has been fortunate enough to have performed or otherwise collaborated with: aaron zarzutzki, brian labycz, fred lonberg-holm, kevin davis, jim baker, joshua manchester, jason stein, guillermo gregorio, marc riordan, mike forbes, graham stephenson, wilson shook, hiroyuki ura, shinjiro yamaguchi, kazuya ishigami, tim olive, among others...

brian labycz is an improviser hailing from chicago primarily performing with electronics. he draws from a range of sources utilizing a modular synthesizer, acoustic instruments, digital manipulations, field recordings, and self-made devices to produce and explore various expressive forms. with a primary focus on improvisation his aim is to produce dynamic gestures with electronics in a live setting. the goal is to transcend gadgetry to arrive at a fully realized performance instrument. working as a soloist and in various group settings he has performed and released work in the us and japan. he has also organized events in chicago and abroad and is actively hosting the myopic improvised music series.

Bidesolo (Ultra Bide)

bidesolo is ultra bide's bass & vocal solo fucking project. it is mass fuck up punk vocal shit you ever saw. if you want feel bad just look and see my shit!

ZimZamZum (Jerry Gordon & Shun Okada) + Yangjah

ZimZamZum is an improvising duo formed in 2009. Shun Okada (didgeridoo and kaisa drum) and Jerry Gordon (saxophone and djembe) play music that flows between jazz and drone.


Yangjah is an artist, a Butoh dancer
and a third generation Korean in Japan.

She has studied Asian body arts
and began learning Butoh performance in 1998.

She has done improvised performances as collaborative works
with other artists(sound, video, visual art etc.)at various lacations,
such as theaters, galleries, cafes and open air spaces.
Her work is performance based a compilation of installation, photos, poetry and so on.

She has been a participating contemporary artist
in the 'Cleaning Artists Project 2004' and 'Art Container' in 2005
(sharing studio project) in NPO Osaka Arts-Aporia.
She presented her solo performance in ‘Chuncheon International Mime Festival’
in Korea in 2006.
She stayed in Seattle for a few months in spring 2007
to produce performances and make performance video works.

築港赤レンガ倉庫にてNPO大阪アーツアポリアによる「Clean Artists’ Project」(2004年度)、
「ART Container」(2005年度)に参加する。
2005年韓国ソウルにてOverseas Koreans Foundationによる
「Arts Koreans Overseas NEW VISIONS」に招聘参加、
2006年韓国の「Chuncheon International Mime Festival」の「Dokkebi Award」にて公演する。
2007年 大阪アートカレイドスコープ2007にて、
大阪在住フランス系カナダ人アーティストCharles-Eric Billardと
パフォーマンス映像作品『Alien Strings』を発表する。
2009年から、 巡海Project 投影/計画 「うみみず」を始動する。 「空っぽなカラダから満ちあふれてくる瞬間のつらなり」を模索している。

DJ Helvete (from Canada)

DJ Helvete is a malevolent alien lifeform of possibly Canadian origin, who's been infecting the various underground scenes in Osaka for the past 5 years. Whether creating nightmarescapes of dark sounds on his own as Kanashibari, or his collaboration industrial project Drowning in Sand, or just DJing around various underground gatherings, he aims to further the cause of dark ambient music and other like-minded forms of musical terrorism. He organized various dark experimental events such as Kali Yuga Night and ....A Night of Aural Death Worship in Osaka.


tel : 06-6308-2323
2-21-4 Tsukamoto, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
大阪市淀川区塚本 2-21-4 JR高架下


gotsushima@gmail.com (Go Tsushima)

...next a seed night osaka is on 4.5

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