5.21 A SEED NIGHT vol.24

Fri 21st May
at ELEVATE Tsukamoto Osaka

Start 7:00pm
Charge Free!!! 無料!!!


NOID (from Vienna, Austria) + TIM BLECHMANN (from Vienna, Austria) + KLAUS FILIP (from Vienna, Austria) + TETSUYA UMEDA

Noid /aka arnold haberl

musician, composer, sound artist living and working in vienna.

his music interprets the reality of sound we live in - this reality consists of imaginations, wishes, dreams and acoustical hallucinations as well as of the sound of the fan of a laptop or the wolf-tone of a cello. his sensual approach to the sound assisted by structural concepts addresses a wide range of contradictory outcome, which is always understandable as concentrate (essence), leaving out irrelevant points. consequently his musical works span from solo-works and installations to compositions for ensembles, using electronics as well as acoustic instruments. often denying the borderline between music and sound-art.

this lead him to collaborations with several choreographers, like joão fiadeiro, colette sadler, akemi takeya, philipp gehmacher, etc... and visual artists as for instance alexander schellow, heike kaltenbrunner and erik hable.
as an improvisor he performs in various constellations, among others with: klaus filip, taku unami, o.blaat, axel doerner, christian weber, kai fagaschinski, dieb13, kazuhisa uchihashi, etc...
also he is programming for the "ppooll" project: an open source / copyleft / freeware, designed for live – improvisation, composition, interactive installations.

アルノルト・ハーバル (Arnold Haberl)、別名 Noid はウィーン在住のチェロ奏者、プログラマー、作曲家。ソロ演奏、音楽家やダンサーらとの共演、インスタレーションをおこなう。誰もいない部屋での録音を素材にした作曲作品アルバム『You're Not Here』を宇波拓のレーベル hibari music より昨年リリース。

Tim Blechmann

Tim's music is focused on static noise textures, that are digitally generated and spacial projected in realtime. His pieces are very slow paced, having a low volume close to the background ambience. For live performances, his preferred lineup is the duo with another improvising musicians. After studying physics in Tuebingen and Stuttgart, he moved to Vienna in 2005, in order to study computer sciences, digital arts and electroacoustic music (with Wolfgang Musil).

current projects:
taus - duo with klaus filip, duo with manuel knapp, duo with seijiro murayama

Klaus Filip

computer music, programming, composition
teaching position at the university of applied arts, vienna.
since 1989 active in experimental, electronic, musical circumstancies. steady dispute with the computer as a musical instrument, which led to the software project lloopp (ppooll.klingt.org).
organising festivals. study of electroacoustics at wolfgang musil in vienna.
colaborations with:
radu malfatti, kai fagaschinski, werner dafeldecker, dieb13, christof kurzmann, boris hauf, christian fennesz, jason kahn, john butcher, sabine marte, gilles aubry, noid, mattin, red white, cynthia schwertsik, cordula bösze, silvia fässler, taku unami, oblaat, taku sugimoto, toshimaru nakamura, tim blechmann, ivan palacky, burkhard stangl, eddie prevost, john tilbury, ko ichikawa, nikos veliotis, axel dörner, masahiko okura, susanna gartmayer, jean-luc guionnet, seijiro murayama

多くの著名ミュージシャンが愛用するライヴ・インプロヴィゼーションのためのコンピュータ・ソフトウェア"lloopp" の開発でも知られる。自身それを使い、サインウェイヴのみを用いた演奏をおこなう。2006年には中村としまるとのデュオ『aluk』(Improvised Music from Japan) をリリース。

梅田哲也 / tetsuya umeda

Altering fans, televisions, and other everyday appliances, converting their functions into something utterly different, UMEDA creates objets freed from their original meanings. His works, created to suit the spaces in which they will be installed, use utterly familiar, commonplace phenomena, channeled through his clever handiness and unique spatial sensibility, to create mysterious, seemingly impossible sensations. They thereby free one from rigid perceptions constrained by preconceived ideas.

Umeda puts in motion systems and processes for creating sound, and intervenes within these. His sounds are always direct consequences of the systems he sets up - the process is as transparent as possible, without PA or playback of pre-recorded material. His installations use daily, commonplace objects - fans, tin cans, bamboo bowls, buzzers - and the acoustic properties of the space.
(text from The listeing project)


SALADS IN SPACE (from US/Canada)

Salads in Space is Rick Tuazon, Charles-Eric Billard and Jerry Gordon improvising their little hearts out. Since forming two years ago, the trio has played bunches and bunches around Osaka and Kyoto. With each of the three guiding the spaceship from a different instrument panel and steering wheel, they are known to be skilled Lostronauts.

amallsのskcaj (from UK)

amalls の skcaj (Sseeaann Rrooee + Andrew Couzens)

Sseeaann Rrooee (aka Sean Roe) is a Multimedia/Performance artist, Musician and Curator. He performs on Electronic Trumpet, Bass and Flute, utilizing triggered samples and occasional effects. He produces the JunKroom live event in Kyoto, and has helped establish "For Gaza" a fundraising project that raises awareness about the plight of the people of Palestine through Music and Performance.

Andrew Couzens is a member of S.C.F with Michael J. Migliacci. They are a multimedia act that explores the interface between electronic sounds and Video, often collaborating with dancers or other musicians.


DJ / シンセで即興演ってます。
New Wave DJ
Modular synthesizer improvisation performance.


psychedelic rock band"オイラ先輩"、psychedelic desertのヨーロッパツアーに同行演奏、他舞踏ダンサー"南阿豆"、現在France在住の"七感弥広彰"との即興コラボなどを経て、現在大阪在住。
2010年よりDTMの魅力を感じソロプロジェクト&psychedelic desertのkuckooとのコラボ"haricuckoo"を初めている。

DJ HELVETE (from Canada)

DJ Helvete is a malevolent alien lifeform of possibly Canadian origin, who's been infecting the various underground scenes in Osaka for the past 5 years. Whether creating nightmarescapes of dark sounds on his own as Kanashibari, or his collaboration industrial project Drowning in Sand, or just DJing around various underground gatherings, he aims to further the cause of dark ambient music and other like-minded forms of musical terrorism. He organized various dark experimental events such as Kali Yuga Night and ....A Night of Aural Death Worship in Osaka.


tel : 06-6308-2323
2-21-4 Tsukamoto, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
大阪市淀川区塚本 2-21-4 JR高架下


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