6.29 A SEED NIGHT vol.28

Tue 29th Jun.
at ELEVATE Tsukamoto Osaka

Start 7:00pm
Charge Free!!! 無料!!!


SLUG GUTS (from Brisbane, Australia)

A band like SLUG GUTS could onlycome from a city like Brisbane; the seedy, humid and oppressive confines of its streets are the perfect backdrop for their dark dirge and agitated sound,capturing the twisted legacy of Australia’s third largest city.

The songs continue the Brisbane punk tradition of exploring the oppressive history of the Bjelke-Peterson era - corrupt cops, vice and simmeringtension – set against the modern malaise of life in the small satellite towns that orbit the city, sweating out the claustrophobia and confinement over 12 intense tracks on their debut album DownOn The Meat.

With most of the songs on Down On The Meatwritten in an old townhouse on Petrie Terrace - just down from where Brisbane icons The Saints lived and recorded - the album explores the eventful year ofJD, Falco, Jimi and Lee: “Finished LP, Falco arrested twice, played with Flipper, went on tour twice,got fucked with once. Never again.” Recorded in eight hours for the cost of a case of XXXX by Glenn Agnew at the 610 Studios in Fortitude Valley, the album indicates the development of a new era in Australian swamp punk blues. A successful album launch tourof the East Coast followed, accompaniedby Pink Reason. To round out 2009, Slug Guts will be supporting American noise purveyors,Lightning Bolt, alongside Aussie post-punk outsiders Primitive Calculators.

Down On The Meatis available now on Stained Circles (Jay Reatard, Dirtbombs, Pink Reason,Clockcleaner, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Stabs).



関西アンダーグラウンドの原点にして頂点ULTRA BIDEのHIDEの真骨頂、即興詩。


GO TSUSHIMA - guitar
KUCKOO - bass
HARICO - vocal
JETVELL - theremin, vocal

PSYCHEDELIC DESERT is the freak-out drone improvisation band formed by GO TSUSHIMA & KUCKOO in 2004, and toured in australia, germany, uk, france and switzerland. PSYCHEDELIC DESERT is fluid collective by 2-10 changeable members with mind expanding, primal and meditative sound.

TIM OLIVE (from Canada)

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, began playing electric bass at 12, travelling 100 km every week to study music theory and buy 70's hard rock lps. Further listening brought exposure to blues, jazz, reggae, and punk rock. A move to "the city" and its record library revealed free jazz, early electronic music/musique concrete and the music of Asia. Efforts were made to accommodate this range of music within the limits of rock instrumentation, but eventually regular rhythms and tempered pitches were jettisoned in favor of open forms, improvisation, and exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups. Extensive live action in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan has provided opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians in event-specific one-off contexts, as well as ongoing multi-performance/recording fun with Jeffrey Allport, Kelly Churko, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Tom Hall, Shinichi Isohata, Katsura Mouri (Busratch), Bunsho Nishikawa, Joel Stern and Adam Sussmann.


DJ JETVEL (from Montreal, Canada)


tel : 06-6308-2323
2-21-4 Tsukamoto, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
大阪市淀川区塚本 2-21-4 JR高架下


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