A Seed Night Osaka 2009.1.31

Sun 31st Jan.
at ELEVATE Tsukamoto Osaka

Doors Open 6:30pm
Entrance Free !


Oh My Cow!

We are: Donald The Nut - Vocals / Hide - Keys and Synth
Reo - Drums / Taito - Guitar
When Donald The Nut from Three Day Stubble (and Dendoba and Naked Mozart) and Hide from Ultra Bide (and Ultra Jr. and Amazon Saliva) decided to make a band, it was Oh My Cow! Reochan from Mamastudio and NASCA CAR plays drums, and Taito of Noise Clinic and +DOG+ plays guitar! Their sound is fast hitting and amazing - renowned for incredible live shows and gritty punk energy, Oh My Cow! will have you celebrating space aliens, duality, the future, and YOU!

Doburoku Kyodai

Tim Olive

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, began playing electric bass at 12, travelling 100 km every week to study music theory and buy 70's hard rock lps. Further listening brought exposure to blues, jazz, reggae, and punk rock. A move to "the city" and its record library revealed free jazz, early electronic music/musique concrete and the music of Asia. Efforts were made to accommodate this range of music within the limits of rock instrumentation, but eventually regular rhythms and tempered pitches were jettisoned in favor of open forms, improvisation, and exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups. Extensive live action in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan has provided opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians in event-specific one-off contexts, as well as ongoing multi-performance/recording fun with Jeffrey Allport, Kelly Churko, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Tom Hall, Shinichi Isohata, Katsura Mouri (Busratch), Bunsho Nishikawa, Joel Stern and Adam Sussmann.

Psychedelic Desert

Psychedelic Desert is an improvisation band formed by Go Tsushima and Kuckoo in Osaka, Japan in 2004, Their psychedelic music has been described as mind expanding, primal and meditative.


tel : 06-6308-2323
2-21-4 Tsukamoto, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
大阪市淀川区塚本 2-21-4 JR高架下


gotsushima@gmail.com (Go Tsushima)

.....next a seed night osaka is on 2.17

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