10/02/13(sat)Tobira Records show case at 法然院

Tobira Records show case at 法然院(Hounenninn)

Hakobune+Nobuto Suda
Hiroki Sasajima
STEVEN PORTER=Katsunori Sawa(EOC)+Yuji Kondo
Jun Nishimura a.k.a. JadeGarden

京都在住アンビエントドローン作家二名。両名ともギター加工を中心とした作風、音楽観の相違から意気投合し昨年より共同でTobira Recordsを設立。レーベルとしては現在までに一枚の10"をリリースしており、近日中にHiroki Sasajima氏の作品"crossion"をリリースを予定している。
現在までにも幾度か共演を行っており、今回のパフォーマンスでは個々人のソロ名義での活動とは趣向を変え、hakobuneはエフェクトを抑えたエレクトロ・アコースティックギターによる即興演奏、Nobuto Sudaは古典ピアノ楽曲を加工、再編集したループ音を基にした音響操作を行う。

STEVEN PORTER=Katsunori Sawa(EOC)+Yuji Kondo
enormous O'clock

Born in 1977 in Kyoto, Katsunori Sawa has held an interest in European
music since childhood and while many producers often cite a wide variety
of influences, it’s quicker to name the genres that EOC doesn’t feel
have shaped him as his near endless list ranges from jazz and classical to
electro and techno via noise, mambo and folk (to name but a few!)
Katsunori Sawa (EOC) + Yuji Kondo (DAN) = "STEVEN PORTER" We Started A New Project in 2009... More Info Soon...

Yuji Kondo
Yuji Kondo is a Japanese recording artist and music producer, currently based in the Kansai region of Japan. He makes compositions using computer programs, and restructure various kinds of sounds on countless occasions in unconventional ways. His sound is a blend of electronic sounds and acoustic instruments, and the minimal and the complexities coexist there. He skillfully shifts the broken-down sound to the music. Kondo has also been involved in other musical projects, including Ducerey Ada Nexino and Steven Porter, and has performed session work for a variety of artists. Ducerey Ada Nexino (d(j)úːkereɪ ǽdə nékzɪnoʊ-nəʊ) is a techno-based project, "Diageomatik" was released on Genesa Records in 2009. He started an electronic music band Steven Porter (stiːv(ə)n pɔː(r)tə(r)) with Katsunori Sawa also known as EOC (AI Records) in 2009, and released the remix of Jimmy Edgar (Warp Records)'s track on Semantica Records in January 2010.

Jun Nishimura a.k.a. JadeGardenAgainst the background of his long career as a composer and a keyboardist
in the bands playing Rock(Mainly Progressive Rock), pops and jazz,
etc.,since 1999,Jun Nishimura has turned his playing style from band form
to solo performance with Laptop PC and synthesizer. And, in addition to
active live performances, he has been evolving his work area into creating
tracks for dance performance (contemporary,modern and indian) and sound-
effects for projection arts including animation movies.
In 2007, he released his 1st. EP "marvin" from Merkur(Berlin) and
performed several cities in Germany.


exportion is sound and picture art project by takahisa hirao and yuki
izumi. the image is made from live action film mixed CG and photoglph. also the sound processing fild recoding and some musical instrument into drone sounds. the works under the infulence of surrealism and abstract expressionism. they are currently acting mainly in Tokyo and creating art works.

exportionの作品は音の空間要素と映像の視覚要素を用いて 作られる情景描写である。
現実に存在する些細な変化 見慣れた街並み、人と言葉、自然と季節 物事の中に不意に見られる非現実、一握りの幻像、偶然と無意識 普段気づかない現実の風景を独自の解釈と色彩により抽象的に描き出す。
2008年結成以来精力的にライブ活動を展開し自身の主催するイベントでは サウンドアーティストのみならずコンテンポラリーダンスや演劇など他ジャンルの アーティストを招いてブッキングやコラボレーションを行っている。
2008年xs recordsより「stream of cosciousness」をリリース 2009年Invisible Eye ProductionのVAシリーズThe Tarot Serieに参加 2009年VGJ recordsより「fadeless」をリリース

Open 15:30
Start 16:00
Close 20:30

    当日 ¥1500
contact:nobutosuda1101@yahoo.co.jp(nobuto suda)
*注意事項* 当日は寒さが予想されるので防寒対策の方よろしくお願いします。

Cost:Advanced ¥1,000
Door ¥1,500
(In order to make your reservation, please send a message to the e-mail address below with your name and how many tickets you wish to get.)

Contact :nobutosuda1101@yahoo.co.jp(nobuto suda)*
Please make sure to bring some warm clothes to put on, it's supposed to get cold in the evening*




電車の場合:阪急四条河原町駅より市バス32系統銀閣寺前行 南田町下車山に向かって徒歩5分JR京都駅・京阪三条駅より市バス5系統岩倉行 浄土寺下車山に向かって徒歩10分京阪出町柳駅より市バス錦林車庫行 浄土寺下車山に向かって疏水を渡り徒歩10分

Tobira Records myspace

〒606-8422 京都市左京区鹿ヶ谷御所ノ段町30番地

TEL: 075-771-2420 FAX: 075-752-1083

contact :nobutosuda1101@yahoo.co.jp(Nobuto Suda)

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