A Seed Night Kyoto 2010.4.20

Tue 20th Apr.
at SOCRATES Demachiyanagi Kyoto

Live Start 7:00pm
Free Gig!!! 無料!!!

too much to pay at door to get in, not much to pay back to punk.
FUCK JAP SISTEM! (not jewish american princess)


ESCARRES (from France)

The story of Escarres began in 2006, when 4 friends decided to make some noise together : Mignon (drums/backing vocals), JP (guitar/backing vocals), Gaetan (main vocals) and Boris (bass/backing vocals).

In July 2006, Escarres recorded its first demo which contains five songs full of Energy and Rock’n roll. Four of them are already on a CD split released by Bent Records with Greenwald, a French deathcore band.

After 2 tours in France in 2006 and 2007, Escarres recorded 7 new songs in Le Sourd Studio. One of them is a Kid Dynamite cover that appears on the «Tribute to Kid Dynamite» compilation released by Oni Red Chords.

In March 2008, Escarres went to the Rec Studio (Geneva - Switzerland) with Serge Morattel to record its first album. This CD was mixed and mastered by Dan Coutant from West West Side Music (USA). The album has been released by the french label Oni Red Chords.
It’s called ‘Plumérid’ and contains 12 tracks of crazy chaotic punk Hardcore that reflects the personality of the four members.

In only 3 years, Escarres made 5 tours and travelled all around Europe through 11 countries for about 100 gigs. But there still are lots of galaxies to explore...

GU GUAI XING QIU (from France)


ULTRA BIDE. hide(bass,vocal),chimaki(drums,vocal),maki(bass).
1978年京都のアンダーグランドシーンから、活動が始まったULTRA BIDEのhideを中心に活動を続けている。
1986年にニューヨークに渡りデッド ケネディーズのジェロ ビアフラのレーベル、オルナタティブ テンタクルスからも数々のレコードをリリースし、
2001年に再び京都に戻り、新たなるラインアップでDRUM & BASSのガツとしたオルナタティブ エレクトロ パンク アンダーグランドを展開して行ってる。
脳裏からDNAが飛び散る経験をしたいなら、ultra bideの音でガンガン決めてください!

THRALL (from Australia)

The Tasmanian Black Metal band Thrall was formerly known as Thy Plagues. The band began in the tradition of primitive solo Black Metal (i.e. Ildjarn, Leviathan, Burzum etc…). With the addition of a bass player in 2006 the project became a duo. In this incarnation Thrall recorded the Wrath Eternal 4-track demo. No copies are currently in print though a re-issue is not out of the question. Thrall has evolved from a primitive droning blast-ridden style to a more groove-laden hypnotic sound fusing Black Metal with Doom influences.


Psychedelic Desert is an drone noise improvisation band by Go Tsushima based in Kyoto & Osaka. Their psychedelic music has been described as mind expanding, primal and meditative.


tel : 075-254-6210
447-14 Kajii-cho, Plantan Bld. B1-C, Imadegawa Dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto


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