A Seed Night Osaka 2010.4.5

Mon 5th Apr.
at ELEVATE Tsukamoto Osaka

Live Start 7:00pm
Charge Free!!! 無料!!!


TOM HALL (from Brisbane, Australia)

Tom Hall is a media artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

Hall's eclectic works flourish by utilising a variety of mediums, each that reflect on his varied background and interests. With a strong focus on elements of the 'everyday' Hall's practice involves considered explorations into place, space and time. Drawing inspiration from countless spaces, Hall focuses on using multiple approaches to engage and recontextualise them to the public.

Hall’s practice centres on experimentation with interest and focus on the ‘everyday’ that stems from time growing up as a child in rural isolation in Tasmania, a place Hall still feels very attached. This interest stemmed from the need to reinvent his surrounds to avoid becoming bored as he discovered and re-discovered the same surroundings. It would seem that this isolation gave Hall an enhanced ability to see and isolate viscerally appealing qualities within nature and man-made environment that others often pass by without acknowledgement.

In a live performance context Hall projects multi-channel video pieces drawing from a data base of found footage, composing and layering in real-time, this imagery is at times linked directly and indirectly to the sound, that Hall is also producing in realtime, through amplitude control. The outcome of this is a large, immersive performance that is viscerally enticing, engaging and results in the creation of hyper environment that represents the vast areas, places and music that Hall finds inspiring.

In the studio, Hall takes his interest in a variety of music qualities and uses these to combine, process and manipulate found sound and instrument experimentation. These processes involves the combination of computer based processing (Ableton Live, Max/Msp) and analog based manipulation with extensive hardware configurations, the pieces created during these processes are then composed linearly in Hall's preferred DAW or further manipulated using 'organic' procedures Hall has developed over years of experimentation. This organic manipulation sees Hall creating Reverb Chambers from old water tanks and polycarbonate bottles, replaying composition in environments they originated from and tape manipulation.

Hall has presented live performances, exhibitions and installations extensively both in Australia and abroad in the past 5 years throughout Japan, UK, Europe and America. Hall has worked, collaborated and played along side artists such as Steinbruchel, Tim Hecker, Jason Khan, Lawrence English, Takashi Kojima, Haco, Samm Bennet, Skist, Oren Ambarchi, Christoper Willits and Scott Arford.


Psychedelic Desert is an improvisation band formed in Osaka, Japan in 2004, Their psychedelic music has been described as mind expanding, primal and meditative.

REIKO IMANISHI + YO SATO (from New Delhi, India)

Reiko Imanishi
musician/ translator
幼少よりピアノと琴に親しむ。ロンドン在住時にクラブ、フェス、美術館等でライブを始め、一面の琴にエフェクトをかけ二対の琴柱を立てて二人で演奏する『music for two』等で「六人の女性作曲家ナイト」に出演。ミニマルから古典、現代音楽、ダンス、アンビエントまでノンジャンルで幅広い音色を探求し続け、U.K.のクリエイティブ集団TOMATOのバンドJohnny Conquestの1stアルバム『Uptown for the Americas』(Beat Records,2002)等に参加。帰国後、2004年より琴+PCスタイルで東京を中心にライブを行い、Central East Tokyo 04にてクボタテツ、シタール奏者Aki Uedaと共演。
2007年、電子音楽レーベル涼音堂茶舗snow effectに参加、茶寮YMOを結成、Yellow Magic Orchestraの楽曲を完全邦楽化し、桑原茂一プロデュース「TVコメディクラブキング」に楽曲提供の他、涼音堂、CLUBKING主催イベントに出演、YMOの御前でも演奏する。 2008年には∞Modes Inexhaustibles∞~尽きない技法~と題し京都Metroにてフランストップチェロ奏者Eric-Maria Couturier ( Ensemble Intercontemporain)、作曲家・伊藤暁(パリ国立高等音楽院)、 有馬純寿(電子音響) とのImprovisation + Contemporary musicコンサートを行い好評を博す。その他、京都を拠点に寺社ライブハウスで演奏する女性邦楽奏者プロジェクト「ニッポン・ガールズ」、Charles Erick Billardとのユニット「Left Hand/ Right Hand」、翻訳家として訳書にポール・D・ミラーaka DJスプーキー著『リズ ム・サイエンス』(青土社,2008)や美術カタログ等、多岐に渡り活動。現在ユニット相方募集中。

Yo Sato
Visual artist / Journalist


psychedelic rock band"オイラ先輩"、psychedelic desertのヨーロッパツアーに同行演奏、他舞踏ダンサー"南阿豆"、現在France在住の"七感弥広彰"との即興コラボなどを経て、現在大阪在住。
2010年よりDTMの魅力を感じソロプロジェクト&psychedelic desertのkuckooとのコラボ"haricuckoo"を初めている。

DJ HELVETE (from Canada)

DJ Helvete is a malevolent alien lifeform of possibly Canadian origin, who's been infecting the various underground scenes in Osaka for the past 5 years. Whether creating nightmarescapes of dark sounds on his own as Kanashibari, or his collaboration industrial project Drowning in Sand, or just DJing around various underground gatherings, he aims to further the cause of dark ambient music and other like-minded forms of musical terrorism. He organized various dark experimental events such as Kali Yuga Night and ....A Night of Aural Death Worship in Osaka.


I'm CrAzY FuCK'n DeAdNesS
GeneSis oF AdePtUs… MAD PAINTER Of Legend


2009年に浮世の狂才絵師『変世戈(HEYOKA)』と自ら名乗り関西のクラブ、Bar、ライブハウス、野外レイブ等でMAD PAINTアンダーグランドツチノコ活動をはじめる。




tel : 06-6308-2323
2-21-4 Tsukamoto, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka
大阪市淀川区塚本 2-21-4 JR高架下


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